A Bit About Us

While King of Cat's merger with MNM Theatre Co is brand new, creative teams within both companies have been working together, in some capacity, for years. King of Cats Theatre Co has always been a group who's incredibly focused on helping others. Our team all realized that we started our journeys as empathetic, kind humans because of being exposed to theater at a young age. We also realized that as arts funding continues to get cut in schools, that our experience is becoming a rarity for most children. So, we decided to change the game. We figured out how to bring quality theatrical arts into children's lives at a price tag that all schools, cities, and families could afford and now being a part of the MNM family, we're even better positioned to bring arts education to South Florida. Check out the "programs" further in our website to see what works best for your school, your family, or for you personally!

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